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Focustivity #4

Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich
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Focustivity #4

Table of Contents

Focustivity is a weekly newsletter where I share content and resources about Self Development and PKM (Personal Knowledge Management).

App Spotlight: Mymind

Mymind is a fun service that allows you to quickly capture images, articles, products, videos, tweets, products, notes, and more into a simple and beautiful app.

The core features of Mymind include:

  • AI-enhanced tagging and OCR capabilities.
  • Extremely fast and powerful search.
  • A cool “Clear My Mind” feature that takes you through your past notes, giving you the option to “Forget” or “Keep” them in your Mymind account. This is a great way to review notes, but also clear out old notes that are no longer relevant.

You may enjoy Mymind if you:

  • Need to capture things, but do not want to spend time tagging and organizing.
  • Want to quickly find things using search, rather than browsing a hierarchy or tag structure.
  • Are very visual and has many inspirational images, colors, and other content that you want to be able to quickly access.


Bear With Us: Elizebeth Butler
In this interview with Bear, Elizabeth talks about her history with note-taking and why she likes to use the Bear app.

What Evernote has been working on and what’s next
The CEO of Evernote reviews the accomplishments of Evernote in the past year and confirms that 2021 has seen the highest annual sales in Evernote’s history. Regardless of the swarm of note applications recently, Evernote is still king.

Too many thoughts about living rent-free in your head? Try mind gardening.
In this interview, Anne-Laure describes what Mind Gardening is and how it can be used to develop ideas.

The 4 Notetaking Styles: How to Choose a Digital Notes App as Your Second Brain
Tiago explains 4 types of note-takers, Gardner, Librarian, Architect, and Student.

How to evaluate stuff you learn on the internet
Eleanor talks about how to evaluate the content on the internet, including looking at citations and the reliability of the source.


Mike provides a summary of The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky.


The Block-Paved Path to Structured Data
A presentation by Maggie Appleton.

Bob Doto: Zettelkasten 101
Bob provides one of the best overviews of a Zettelkasten that I have ever seen. He explains several misconceptions and the true purpose of a Zettelkasten.

Napkin review: a note app like our memory
Shu gives his first impressions of Napkin, a new note-taking app that lets you take and organize simple notes on digital cards. Napkin uses some AI to automatically suggest tags and connections.

How should I organize class notes in Obsidian?
Justin provides some examples for organizing class notes inside Obsidian.

A tour of my external mind!
Jeffrey gives us a tour of his chaotic system to demonstrate that we will not and should not have a perfectly organized external mind for it to be effective.

Visual Notes that feel like paper - Scrintal
Santi demonstrates Scrintal, a new note-taking app that allows you to visually organize your notes like they are physical cards on a table.

10 Best Mac Apps for Productivity (in 2022)
Jeff gives us 10 Mac Apps that can be used for daily productivity. Includes Dropzone 4, AltTab, Monitor Control, Moom, Numi, CheatSheet, AppCleaner, Cleanshot X, Alfred, Logi Options, Macy, and Donnie.

Folders or Links? The ACCESS Approach
Nick talks about the ACCESS folder structure to allow you to get the best of Folders and Links in your note-taking app.


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