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Focustivity #2

Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich
2 min read
Focustivity #2

Table of Contents

App Splotlight

Bento: The Do Less Todo List
Bento is a simple task app (available on iOS) that has an entirely different approach. Rather than “managing” your tasks, list the 3 main tasks you want to do today. Bento can work with your existing task manager and be used to plan which three (yes, only three) tasks you plan to work on today. This forces you to think about what you are going to work on, prioritizing what’s important. Then work from your Bento app all day long and be less overwhelmed! You can organize your tasks by one of three methods:

  1. Eat that Frog - Do the big job first.
  2. Climb the Summit - Start with a medium-energy task, then a big task, and finish with a small task.
  3. Slow Burn - Start with a small task, then a bigger one, and then the biggest.

The app is beautiful and has wonderful graphics. Kudos to the designer. You may want to try Bento if you are overwhelmed with tasks in your current system and would like to focus.


Obsidian Task Management Basics - The Sweet Setup
Mike shows how to use Obsidian for Task Management in this series of articles and video walkthroughs.

The Seductive Power of Knowledge Graphs
Jeffrey writes about the seductive power of graphs in modern applications. Are they useful?

How to Get Started Building an Antinet Zettelkasten
Scott walks through, step-by-step, how to set up an Antinet Zettelkasten system.

Why we need deep thought
An essay from Napkin about why we need deep thought.

Our thoughts steer our attention. Our attention steers our thoughts. And as our thoughts constitute our mind, it is irresponsible to not interfere with this cycle deliberately but to fly through life on auto pilot.


Ryan gives us a glimpse into his note card system and his process for taking and organizing notes while researching.
Cal shows us how he takes notes while reading. He marks up the book with simple symbols but doesn’t write words. You don’t need to treat your future brain as if it will be significantly impaired. When you revisit your markups, you’ll remember!
Justin gives a tour of Readwise and how it can be used to review the highlights and notes you take from books, articles, podcasts, and much more. You can even automatically export your highlights to many note applications.
Curtis demonstrates how to integrate Things 3 with Obsidian using deep links between both applications.
Danny gives us a detailed walkthrough of all the Obsidian updates starting with v0.14.12.
Bryan shows his process using the Obsidian Media Extended plugin to take notes from videos from within Obsidian.
Stephan demonstrates his new Obsidian Web Clipper that will clip an article or a partial article into Obsidian.
Tiago lists 68 note apps, categorized for the Architect, Gardner, Librarian, and Student.

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