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Focustivity #1

Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich
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Focustivity #1

Table of Contents


App Spotlight

Bike Outliner
Bike Outliner

Hog Bay Software – Bike: Tool for thought
Bike is a new outliner with one goal, to create clean and straightforward outlines! No tags, backlinks, or other features. Create simple yet powerful outlines. Bike works great with large outlines. Bike is from the creators who brought us TaskPaper.


We have a Linking Problem!
Jeffrey talks about the challenges of linking in our PKM systems. We’re typically linking without thinking.

Using a link or tag doesn’t inherently provide context about the nature of the connection, and note-taking apps usually have no built-in forcing function to give us pause to consider one. So unless we expand on why two ideas are related when a link is created, we rely on having to remember. This puts a massive burden on our future selves.

The best books on personal knowledge management
Elizabeth lists some essential books about PKM. How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens, Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink by Kourosh Dini, Digital Zettelkasten by David Kadavy, Effective Notetaking by Fiona McPherson, How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles van Doren.

12 Steps to Build a Second Brain
Here are 12 practical steps you can take right now to get your Second Brain started and establish the habits of personal knowledge management.

Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes?
Scott talks about how we have a limited number of keystrokes to use during our lifetime. We should use them wisely!

Instead, consider writing a blog post or adding to a wiki with your keystrokes, then emailing the link to the original emailer. (Like this email, er, blog post, for this example.)

From Zotero Annotations to Obsidian Research Notes
How to manage research notes using Obsidian and Zotero.


In this interview, Tiago talks about how the ability to forget allows us to prioritize.
A great interview with Andy Matuschak where he talks about tools for thinking.
Mark summarizes 14 of the best (from his perspective) nonfiction books.
Cal Newport interviews Tim Ferriss and they talk about the 4-Hour Workweek and how it foresaw the chaotic nature of businesses, especially startups, and provides ideas for automating.
Martin talks about how we can number our notes.
Scott provides another walkthrough of his Antinet Zettelkasten.
Mayuko talks about hustle, time management, and mental health in this interview.

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