Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

I have started to tackle Meditations. I usually don’t read this kind of book, but I thought I would give it a try. I am taking notes as I go. I am just writing down what comes to mind as I read each part, even if my interpretation is completely off.


Real name Marcus Annius Verus.- Born in A.D. 121.- Meditations” was not intended to be published. Marcus was writing to himself.- Marcus does not mention Stoicism.

Book 1 Debt and Lessons

  1. Marcus shows gratitude for the various people in his life.

Book 2 On the river gran, among the quadi

  1. People can be cruel, ungrateful, arrogant, etc., but this does not affect me.
  2. Stop being persuaded by impulses. Your mind and body and simple and don’t need extravagance.
  3. Nature will always change to do what is best for nature. You are part of nature. Trust the change.
  4. You have limited time in this world. Don’t spend it procrastinating on things of importance.
  5. Focus on things as if it was the last thing you will do in life.
  6. You have one life, and it’s almost over.
  7. Take the time to learn things for yourself and less for others.
  8. Listen to your heart, and find your happiness.
  9. No one can prevent you from being in harmony with nature.
  10. Sinning out of desire is worse than doing so out of anger. Passion comes from within, and anger is caused by something external.
  11. Death happens to both good and bad people; therefore, how could it be a bad thing? How could death be punishment for people who are good all of their lives?
  12. Objects are temporary and meaningless.
  13. People deserve our affection because they are like us, people.
  14. You cannot lose the future or the past, only the present.
  15. Everything is just an impression” - Monimus the Cynic
  16. The soul degrades when it becomes upset with things that happen, you turn your back on another when you experience too much pleasure or pain, when you act false, and when your actions are without purpose.
  17. Be true to yourself without depending on others. You can’t control nature, perception, the nature of the body, the soul.

April 4, 2022
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