Mind Nodes - Independence Day

Mind Nodes - Independence Day

Eric Gregorich

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We're celebrating Independence Day here in the United States. I'm actually going to see some fireworks tonight. The first time in a few years!

πŸ“– What I Read

I read David Kadavy's Mind Management, Not Time Management book a few months ago. Very few non-fiction books keep my attention from cover to cover. Mind Management Not Time Management is one of these books. David Kadavy's book focuses on the creative process and building a system so that you can be more productive. I wrote a summary that highlights a few key concepts.

How to think clearly by Tom Chatfield walks through the process of clear thinking. Clear thinking starts with self-reflection. We need to realize our assumptions, as they are part of our identity. By understanding our biases, we can learn to listen to other options, even if we disagree.

Inviting people to pause is among the easiest advice in the world to give, and the hardest to take. Yet it’s foundational to clarifying your thinking because this is where it all begins: with a moment of self-reflection. Without pauses, there can be no second thoughts and no self-interrogations. There is no process until you take the time to embark upon it.

The Unschedule: A Counter-Intuitive Method to Beat Procrastination is a different approach to scheduling your time. Rather than scheduling your work, you instead schedule your life commitments (sleep, meals, showers, commute) that you have to do regardless. Next, schedule the things you do to enjoy life (meet with friends, spend time with family, reading). You don't schedule your work at all! You work in between your other commitments. This approach doesn't seem realistic for people who are meeting with others all day. However, I like the idea of scheduling what you "want" to do first and then fill in around it.

πŸ›  Helpful Tools

Last week, I tried out Twitters Revue for the newsletter. I wouldn't say I liked it. There is a corporate feel to it. I thas privacy statements and terms of service, as well as the Revue branding all over. I don't feel like I own the content. So I'll stick with Ghost.

Speaking of Ghost, the Ghost editor now fully supports Grammarly. This has saved me a step in my writing process. I can now write the newsletter directly in Ghost and get all of the benefits of Grammarly. I've been using Grammarly since 2016 and have over 925,901 words checked!

Another tool I've been using a lot this week is Microsoft Edge Collections. Collections are built into the Microsoft Edge browser and are great for research. I have saved anything I ready and want to share during the week into a collection; I can take notes on each item and even add my own notes. I then add the item to my newsletter or export them into a PDF for long-term storage. Then remove the item from the collection. I'll probably write an article about it soon.

Collections I created in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 11 is now available for public preview. I have it installed on my personal Surface Laptop 3. It's pretty nice, but not all that different from Windows 10. It has a fresh coat of paint and a couple of new features. This First Look at Windows 11 video by Scott Hanselman is a good walkthrough of what is new.

πŸ”Ž Helpful Resources

While building some complex Power Apps, I did some research on the UpdateIf function. It turns out it is not delegatable. This video explains what the Updateif function is and how to use it. I've also been using the Coalesce Function much more to return nonblank values. Here is a video that explains what the Coalesce Function is and how to use it.

I'm having an issue in one SharePoint tenant where crawled properties are not being created for custom columns. I've tried reindexing the library, the site, even giving my account site collection admin rights. Nothing. We opened a ticket with Microsoft. The best answer I could find so far says to try recreating your site and libraries from scratch. Not good!

I stumbled upon this video, Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam Cram (AZ-900) Full Course 2021. I have yet to complete it, but it looks useful for anyone interested in taking this exam.

πŸ“– Books I'm reading

I'm still enjoying Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Nearly finished!

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