Mind Nodes - A New Day

Mind Nodes - A New Day

Eric Gregorich

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πŸ”Ž In this issue of Mind Nodes

Niklas Luhman's Zettelkasten archive. Better education for ourselves through "unbound learning". A new article about Power Apps Performance. Continuing to improve my note-taking workflow. Quotes from the books Effortless and Designing the Mind.

πŸ’‘ To Make You Think

Niklas Luhman's Slip-Box (Zettelkasten)

If you are aware of what a Zettelkasten is, you have undoubtedly heard of Niklas Luhman. You can view Niklas's physical slip box online, where it is being digitized and researched.

Unbounded learning: how to unshackle your education - Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Unbound learning is when we learn in our way and with various formats, free from being force-fed information from a traditional education system.
To unbound your education, you'll want to:

  1. Dig into the source material from what you read.
  2. Try different platforms and formats.
  3. Use Thinking Tools (like Roam Research).
  4. Learn in public.

πŸ“° What's New with Me

10 Performance Tips for Power Apps

I published an article that covers several performance aspects of Power Apps. These are a few that have helped me as I've been building out a pretty complicated app over the past several weeks. I've included references for additional reading.

Improving my Note-Taking Workflow

Last week, I mentioned how I started the Roam Book Club #4, a 42-day course that teaches you how to create a Zettelkasten in Roam Research. We're on day 15.

This last week we covered Fleeting Notes. Before the course, I thought of Fleeting Notes as pieces of information that we collect, process, and threw away. But they're much more than that. Fleet Notes can be used as a tool to outline your thoughts about a particular idea. You write everything that comes to mind without concern for formatting or even if it makes sense. Just get it out. When you're done, you can summarize it at the top and collapse the rest.

πŸ“– What I'm Reading

Effortless - Greg McKeown

"In the same way that LEGO created Automatic Binding Bricks designed to be stacked and attached in all sorts of combinations you too can stack and combine your most essential and most joyful activities to construct new effortless experiences." (Greg McKeown, Effortless)
"The broaden-and-build theory in psychology offers an explanation for why this is the case. Positive emotions open us to new perspectives and possibilities. Our openness encourages creative ideas and fosters social bonds. These things change us. They unlock new physical, intellectual, psychological, and social resources. They create "an upward spiral" that improves our odds of coping with the next challenge we face." (Greg McKeown, Effortless)

Designing the Mind - Ryan A Bush

"Dopamine is responsible for the anticipation of pleasure that compels us to act. The feeling we typically call β€œpleasure" is primarily caused by endogenous opioids and endorphins. Dopamine is the craving and the compulsion which causes us to take another hit or try our luck on the slots one more time. It has no obligation to deliver on its promise, and very often, it doesn't." (Designing the Mind and Ryan A Bush, Designing the Mind)
"Emotions often lead us in the opposite direction of our highest goals, cause us to act in wavs we later regret, and force us to suffer when there is absolutely no benefit to doing so. That is why we not only can learn to control our emotions, if we want to live a great life, we must." (Designing the Mind and Ryan A Bush, Designing the Mind)

Feature Photo by Johannes Plenio

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