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💡 Systems Thinking

To make coffee, we need several inputs, including coffee beans, water, and optionally cream and sugar. We first heat our water, then brew our beans in it. When that step is complete, we pour the results into a mug and add cream and sugar. The results are a hot cup of coffee.

What happens if we change this system? What if we instead heated the creamer and later added sugar and then the beans? The results would be a disaster.

There are specific steps that any system must take to have satisfactory results. However, we can still improve our systems by changing various components. What if we included better quality coffee beans? We could also adjust the number of beans we use. Change the temperature of the water. Change the amount of cream and sugar (or omit them altogether). The results will be different with each change we make.

Systems Thinking involves having the mindset to look at our processes and see what can be changed to produce better results.

📰 What's New

Modern SharePoint Site Templates Ft. Site Designs and Site Scripts

How to create modern site templates in SharePoint Online using Site Designs and Site Scripts.

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir - A book review

Project Hail Mary is a story by the same author of The Martian, Andy Weir. While The Martian's story is grounded in the science we understand today, Project Hail Mary goes beyond that and adds more sci-fi but does so without breaking the rules of science.

🛠 Helpful Tools

Microsoft Outlook Browser Extension

Microsoft has released a new extension for Edge that gives you access to your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks directly from the extension. This could be useful for those who need to quickly check things while in the browser without opening the full Outlook client. I think the Outlook web app is superior to the Outlook client regardless.

Using NVM to manage Node versions

As a developer who uses Node.js, you often need to install a particular version of Node.js that will work with your application. Doing this repeating is exhausting.

NVM solves this problem by allowing you to install multiple versions of Node.js onto your machine. You can then quickly switch the version your using as needed by running a single simple command.

Johnny Decimal

Johnny Decimal is a name of an organization system where you divide your folders into 10 buckets or areas, and within each bucket, you have another 10 categories. You end up with a number system that makes your files easy to organize and find.

📖 What I'm Reading

The Software Architect Elevator by Gregor Hohpe

"Tactiv knowledge is knowledge that exists only in employees' heads but isn't documented or encoded anywhere. Such undocumented knowledge can be a major overhead for large or rapidly growing organizations because it can easily be lost and requires new employees to relearn things the organization already knew.
Encoding tacit knowledge, which existed only in an operator's head, into a set of Scripts, tools, or source code makes these processes visible and eases knowledge transfer." (Gregor Hohpe, The Software Architect Elevator)

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