Mymind: Use AI to automatically organize your mind

Mymind: Use AI to automatically organize your mind

Eric Gregorich
mymind — The extension for your mind
mymind is an extension for your mind. A secret little helper. To think freely, stay in the moment, enjoy the flow and let nothing get in the way.

Mymind is a new (still early access) service that allows you to quickly bookmark web pages, images, products, tweets, quotes, videos, and documents. It uses AI to automatically extract tags and essential highlights from the content.

I'm excited to see all of the new note-taking and bookmarking applications that are coming out. While I really like Mymind, It's not for everyone.

Mymind may be ideal for anyone looking to bookmark their favorite things without spending time organizing them into notebooks or even applying tags. All of this is done for you! You do not have to browse to find content; you simply search for what's on your mind.

Key benefits of Mymind

  • The developers are pretty keen on privacy. Take a look at their manifesto to see for yourself.
  • While you still can add your tags to your content, you shouldn't need to. The content gets tagged automatically. For example, if you upload several images of sunsets, to find them again, type "sunset" into the search box. The AI is smart enough to realize if the image contains a sunset.
  • Mymind is extremely fast. There is no hierarchy to dig through. A search box at the top of the page is all you need.
  • Advanced Search Functionality. You can enter a term, then press Enter to start a deep search. This allows you to apply several keywords to find the things you're looking for. You can even exclude specific items as well. E.g., "dress -red" would show you all images with a dress, but it will exclude any red dresses.
  • Support for different types of data. Mymind will automatically format cards for Twitter, GitHub, Product pages from various sites, Images, PDFs, YouTube videos, and more.
  • Take quick notes using simple Markdown.
  • There is a Chrome Extension that can quickly clip content from your browser to your Mymind.
  • The development team is pushing new features every few weeks. The team is also very responsive to email and Twitter @mymind.
  • Export your notes and files.


  • While you can take simple notes in Markdown, I wouldn't say this is a Note-Taking app (yet). The Mymind team is promising a revamp of the notes functionality that should change this.
  • There is an IOS app, but it is a wrapper to the web site. There should be a native app coming soon. For Android, there is a PWA, but it still does support the Share card, which makes it inconvenient to add content from your phone.
  • There is currently no way to export your cards. The developers have said that there will be export functionality coming in the future (Updated 12/31/2020. The Mymind team snuck in an export feature!)

In this example, I started by typing "wallpaper." It returned these results ( I only have a few wallpaper images collected so far). Keep in mind that I did not tag these images in any way. I simply dragged them into Mymind.

I can then add "star" to my search, and it will further filter the Wallpaper results to find all of the images related to "Star." It returned one image with stars in it as well as the image of Hoth from Star Wars. Pretty slick!

Another Example

Mymind supports all kinds of advanced search. In this example, I wanted to find all of the content I added that referenced bi-directional links. When I first executed the bi-directional search, it returned many results, including some articles and PDFs that happened to have the word in the text. So, I simply added some filters to exclude these from my results. The result shows me all of the notes that reference bi-directional, whether I tagged it or not. I can further refine by a specific site, videos, PDFs, etc.


If you are looking for a straightforward tool to bookmark content and are tired of spending time tagging information and organizing it into folders or notebooks, keep an eye on Mymind. I'm looking forward to what they add soon.


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