The first newsletter of 2022. I share types of notes in a PKM system, Incubation, Time Blocking, the Zwicky box, and how Robert Green writes books.

Happy New Year! Let's make 2022 a great one.

New Content

I wrote about 6 types of notes in your PKM system. Capture, Consumption, Reflection, Sequence, Periodic, and Project notes. (3 min)

Incubation is one of the four stages of creativity. The others are Preparation, Illumination, and Verification. During the Incubation stage, we allow our ideas to sit with us for some time, allowing them to mature. (1 min)

I reposted an older essay about Time Blocking and Time Batching. It includes several techniques that you can use to manage your time on your calendar.  (8 min)

I'm also starting a Toolbox page on my site that will list all of my favorite hardware, development tools, newsletters, podcasts, and other tools I use.

What I learned

The Zwicky box: a powerful method for problem-solving and creativity (7 min)
A different approach to problem-solving and creativity. Break a problem down into categories and then make connections, creating one or many potential solutions.

How Robert Green writes books (5 min video)
Robert Green shows us how he researches and writes books using his analog note card system. He taught this system to Ryan Holiday.

Writing effective documentation (10 min video)
A short video that covers some thoughts around writing effective documentation.

  1. Start with what the reader needs.
  2. Write less.
  3. Write the outline first.
  4. Rubber ducking works for docs too.
  5. Write readably.
  6. It's not just about documentation.

CDS - Basic ALM Process (13 min)
Benedikt Bergmann explains configuring a basic ALM process for a Power Apps solution.

Helpful Tools

Grammarly Desktop has been updated to work with nearly any application! Previously, it only worked for Office and a standalone application that you had to import and export content into. Now, all of the great Grammarly functionality follows you everywhere, from Outlook, Teams, Slack, Obsidian, and of course, your browser.

Microsoft PowerToys was updated to v0.53.1. PowerToys run now allows you to search the web using your default browser and search engine!

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