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  • I’m curious how everyone is using the Micro.blog Bookmarks feature? I understand how it works, but how are you using it? Is it efficient for bookmarking anything you want to share to Micro.blog?

    There is also a plugin that allows you to easily add your bookmarks to a page on your site that I may try..

  • Document your work!

    Please, document your work! I’m speaking from the context of a software developer/architect, but this also applies elsewhere. In the moment, it may feel like a waste of time. You may think, “I’ll remember this.” or “I’ll never do this again.” I’ve been … read more

  • I tried the Bear 2 Beta. What a beautiful app! I’m tempted to use it for my personal Knowledge Base.

    I’ve tried using one app (Obsidian), but finding separate apps for specific purposes seems to work better.

    • Rocketbook = Capture
    • Readwise = Collection
    • Bear = Knowledge
    • Raindrop = Bookmarks
    • Ulysses = Long-form writing
    • Mars Edit = Blog posts
    • Things 3 = Tasks
    • Apple Notes = Miscellaneous and shared notes
  • Filter the posts on the Micro.blog home page by category

    With some help from the community, I figured out how to filter the home page of my Micro.blog site to exclude “Micro Posts, “ a category I created for the short posts without a title. Why? In my case, I want only to show the full articles on my home page. I have a separate page for all my “Micro … read more

  • HeyScottyJ - No PKM necessary

    The concept of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is flawed in that it fails to recognize that there is more to knowledge management than simply collecting, storing, and organizing data. Rather, knowledge management is a process of transforming data into information and then into knowledge through the application of cognitive processes.

    While PKM tools can be helpful in collecting, organizing, and connecting the information you gather, it is up to you to do something with that information to turn it into knowledge.

  • Apps I’m using - March 2023

    I’m constantly changing the apps I use. I like to experiment with what works. But I also like to play with new toys. I tend to experiment and chat about new apps I’m trying, but in reality, I have a few core apps that I tend to stick to. I like to take inventory now and then as it helps me clean up … read more

  • The temperature is in that zone where my house is either too hot or too cold, and we must switch between heat and air to make it bearable.

  • Raindrop released native iOS and iPadOS apps today.

    I’ve been using Raindrop because I need something cross-platform. I also use it heavily to highlight documentation that I review for work.

    I’m happy to see some native apps. The mobile experience was definitely lacking.

  • Ultimate Calendar Hack, How to Negotiate. & More

    At the end of every weekday, I go through and color-code my calendar from the day that just finished. Green = Energy Creating Yellow = Neutral Red = Energy Draining. I don’t spend too much time thinking about which bucket each item fell into—I try to trust my gut.

    I like this idea of color coding the calendar to show what gives you energy vs. what drains your energy. It could be a great way to work on balancing things out. I’m not sure I’ll do it, but I’ll keep it in mind.

  • My Rocketbook notebook arrived.

    1. I think I like the size (8.5 x 11). Plenty of space to write.
    2. I love how it lays flat and is not thick.
    3. It’s easy to write on, but not the same as paper. I don’t think I’ll have a problem.

    The real test is using it this week for work. We’ll see how it holds up!

    RocketBook Notebook
  • I purchased a RocketBook notebook today. I’ve been using a standard Bullet Journal-style notebook for a while, but as a temporary working page where I can write throughout the day.

    I like the idea of snapping a photo of anything I want to keep and wiping the rest clean for a fresh start.

  • 📺 We finished Stranger Things season 4. What a fun show!

  • AI, like ChapGPT, is simply manipulating data and returning it to us in the requested format. The real AI we’re all terrified of can learn. Give that AI access to material things, and then I’m scared.

  • I decided to switch my custom email from Fastmail to iCloud custom domains. I don’t get a lot of emails and don’t use most of the features of Fastmail. And I’m already paying for iCloud +. One less subscription.

  • Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman 📚

    Oliver recommends having 3 main tasks you can currently work on. When one task is complete, you can determine which task from your backlog to insert into the empty slot. You can also drop a task from the three if necessary.

  • I’m trying out Drafts to be my primary capture tool. I’m configuring Drafts to send to various locations, like Micro.blog, Day One, Logseq, Obsidian, Reminders, etc. Perhaps, it will help to have one place to go to write things down?

  • Discarded: The Future Is Analog by David Sax 📚I just couldn’t get into this book. It’s all about the pandemic with an “I told you so” attitude.

  • dateful is a simple website with tools like Time Zone Converter, EventLink, World Clock, Time Calculator, and a Schedule. A simple way to do some quick date calculations.

  • Publishing to Blot is so fast; I don’t even know how it’s possible. I click the “push” button in Obsidian and switch to my browser, refresh, and the latest post is already there. Less than 1 second. Quite impressive!

  • SharePoint Site Provisioning I started a series of posts demonstrating how to use Power Automate to create and update SharePoint sites.

    It includes creating a new site, applying a template to the site, deleting a content type, setting up default folders, and more.

  • Logseq has been very valuable for taking work notes. It is one of the few tools where I can rapidly log notes throughout the day. I can quickly zoom in and focus on one thing at a time and click, search, and filter to find all related notes.

    I’m still using Obsidian for long-form writing.

  • Currently reading: THINK STRAIGHT by Darius Foroux 📚

  • I finished the “Design your system for creativity” webinar by Oliver Burkeman. I took my notes in Obsidian Canvas, resulting in a visual mind map.

    I will try Canvas to map out the technical requirements of apps I design for my clients. Especially useful that each node can be a full page of notes.

  • I added my status.lol updates to my blog home page. You can see how here.

  • I’m about 90% complete with my “website” transition to Blot for hosting. The ONLY reason I’m moving my main blog from Micro.blog is because of the workflow I have set up with Obsidian and Git.

    Micro.blog is still where I post status updates and will continue to be the “hub” from a social standpoint.