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  • From Problem to Solution - How Writing Can Help You

    Have you ever started an email to someone that explains a problem to them, one that you don’t know the solution to, then by the time you finish the email, you’ve realized you have come up with a solution? Simply writing out a problem where the explanation is as simple as possible (so someone else … read more

  • Evernote now supports backlinks

    Evernote 10.51.7 has been updated with backlink support. This means you can easily add links to other notes, and the backlinks will show you which notes are linking to the current note. A previous update made adding links to other notes easier through a menu option (and keyboard shortcut). These … read more

  • The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9.

    The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9. This version adds a setting to hide the categories from the post. After updating, you can go to your Card Theme settings and click the checkbox to hide the Categories from the post. If you wish to keep the categories on the page but prefer to … read more

  • 📷I finally completed my Christmas gift. The Razor Crest from The Mandalorian.

    The Mandalorian Razor Crest Legos
  • Kill the Newsletter!

    📱 Kill the Newsletter! is a straightforward service from Leandro Facchinetti that lets you subscribe to newsletters but instead of giving your own email address, Kill the Newsletter gives you an email address to use as well as an RSS feed to add to your RSS reader to consume it. read more

  • IMG 0634

    I felt like going analog today, so I dusted off my Bullet Journal and started using it. I have wanted to start journaling more in 2023 and have always enjoyed writing on paper, so it felt like it was time to give it another go.

  • A day full of meetings and emails can make things easier because we don’t have to decide what to do with our time. We have an excuse not to do real work.

    It’s a trap! An easy way to procrastinate.

  • Currently reading: Secret Project #1 by Brandon Sanderson 📚

  • The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.6.

    • The categories (if any) will now appear on the post page.
    • Added an option in theme settings to show a summary rather than the full post on the home page and category pages.
  • A book review of Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P. Scheper

    Finished reading: Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P. Scheper, 📚 a book about how to create an analog Zettelkasten (slip box) that acts as a “communication partner” for thinking and creating. After seeing a couple of videos from Scott and keeping up with his website, I expected this book to … read more

  • I updated my Books page to show what I’m currently reading and what I finished reading (each year). I’m using the Bookshelf shortcode plugin by @kottkrig and Book Reading Goals by @manton.

  • Play - Manage your video playlist

    Play, by Loop Apps LTDA, is an app for iOS and macOS that lets you easily save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources so you can manage your playlist and watch them later. If you get frustrated by the Watch later feature built into YouTube, this app could solve your problems. read more

  • Fade in your website using CSS

    If you would like to add a simple effect to your website that makes the page appear to fade in, you can do this through some simple CSS. Add the following CSS. Adjust the seconds as desired. This determines how quickly the page will fade in. Next, update your HTML body tag to include this onload … read more

  • Currently reading: Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P. Scheper 📚

    If you are interested in analog note-taking, this is the book to read—the book details the analog Zettelkasten system and how and why it works.

  • You won’t succeed with a digital detox unless you replace what you are removing from your life with other things you enjoy. You also need to become comfortable being bored. It’s an opportunity to let your mind wander.

  • I started playing around with a new custom theme today. I applied the first draft to my blog. I have some fixes to apply, and I’m still tweaking things, but pretty happy with it so far. 🎨

  • Using TeuxDeux for time management

    I’m trying TeuxDeux again to see if it can be suitable for time blocking. One of my favorite things about TeuxDeux is that I can see an overview of my week and keep as many lists as I need on one clean page. TuexDuex supports Markdown headers, links, recurring tasks, configurable colors, and more. … read more

  • I played around with Obsidian’s Canvas feature (only in the Insider Build). I also played with Apple’s new Freeform app and think Obsidian canvas is better. Quite impressive for such a small dev team.

    Here is a pass at my “PKM” system. This doesn’t do the app justice, though.

    My PKM System
  • Micro.blog Cards Theme 1.1.5 - Reading Time

    The Cards Theme has been updated to support “Reading Time” on posts that take longer than 1 minute to read. This option will appear when you upgrade to v1.1.5 in the Micro.blog Plugins. There is a known issue with Micro.blog where your plugin settings will be overwritten when you update the plugin. … read more

  • Currently reading: The Staff Engineer’s Path by Tanya Reilly 📚

  • Finished reading: The Laws of Creativity by Joey Cofone 📚

  • Add Reading Time to your Micro.blog template

    I added Reading time to my blog. It was easy to do since it’s part of Hugo. It only displays if the reading time exceeds 1 minute. I think this makes sense because it will exclude it from short posts. In the layouts/posts/single.html template, add the following line below the date (or where ever you … read more

  • Who needs the Readwise Reader app?

    The Readwise Reader app is officially in a public beta. This means anyone can now sign up for immediate access. The app is free during the beta but will be paid for when it is officially released. You can subscribe to Readwise if you are not already locked in a price. Who needs the Readwise Reader … read more

  • A Substack and Ghost misunderstanding

    Through my Hacker News feed, I found a post to some interesting statements on Twitter saying that “Substack is now officially powered by Ghost!” The original message was posted by John O’Nolan, Founder/CEO of Ghost. It was quickly corrected by Substack Co-founder/CEO Chris Best. Substack is not … read more

  • Ghost in the Box

    This interesting essay explores the “Ghost in the Box” metaphor and how it applies to a Zettelkasten. The main idea (as I understand it) is that when you build a complex system of notes, they appear unfinished and confusing when others view them, but to you, they’re useful and full of insight. It is … read more