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  • I don’t often take or share pictures of food, but there is something about this dish that always catches my attention. It was delicious!

    “The Bodhi” from Shaka Sushi and Cocktail Bar, Panama City Beach.

    “The Bodhi” from Shaka Sushi and Cocktail Bar, Panama City Beach.
  • The water has been cutting away at the sand connecting to the lake.

    The water has been cutting away at the sand connecting to the lake.
  • A storm is coming in at Panama City Beach.

    A storm was coming in at Panama City Beach.

  • This will be my view for a few days, right from the bedroom balcony. Hopefully, the weather holds out, and I can drink a few coffees and read some books! Panama City Beach.

    My view of Panama City Beach from the bedroom balcony.
  • Immersion Reading helps me focus

    I’ve found the Immersion Reading option through the Kindle app has been very valuable. This feature allows you to both read and listen to a book at the same time. I find that when I’m only reading with my eyes, my mind tends to wander, regardless of whether I’m using a Kindle or physical … read more

  • Dev builds perfect note-taking system which only stores info about building note-taking systems

    After many months of building, Miriam started to use her system in full-power mode only to realize that the only information she researches, stores and references is all about building note-taking systems. Moreover, the system, though flexible and extendable, seems to be tuned to store that type of information only. Any other kind of data makes the system unstable and finicky.

    This was me a couple years ago. 😂

  • File over app

    File over app is a philosophy: if you want to create digital artifacts that last, they must be files you can control, in formats that are easy to retrieve and read. Use tools that give you this freedom.

    Another vote for using local files that you can control when it comes to your apps.

  • How to Live a Long and Healthy Life (Outlive by Peter Attia MD Book Notes)

    Finished reading: Outlive by Peter Attia, MD 📚 The book Outlive by Peter Attia, MD is a guide to learning and planning for a long, healthy life. It is very detailed and covers the science behind it, as well as providing actionable advice. This post includes some of my notes from the book and the … read more

  • Currently reading: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin 📚

  • I updated my Cards Theme to v1.2.1 with support for Tinylytics Kudos (by @Vincent). I recommend using the Tinylytics for Micro.blog plugin by @jimmitchell to add Tinylytics and enable the Kudos feature. Then in your Cards Theme settings, check the box to Enable Tinylytics Kudos.

    See example below.

  • 🍿 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse poster

  • I finished setting up Tinylytics for my blog. It provides just enough statistics for my site while staying focused on privacy.

    There is something fun about being part of a new product from an indie developer (@vincent).

  • The Airshow podcast player (from the makers of Feedbin) has recently been updated to version 2.0 with playlist support, playback speed controls, sleep timer and UI updates.

    I think it’s a great update and have truly enjoyed using it so far. A simple and minimal podcast player.

  • Not actively using knowledge from reading

    And if they are reading books to learn things, they’re not doing anything with it. And when I say they’re not doing anything with it, they’re not actively adding it to a philosophy of practice, understanding it from an awareness of the evidence, the research, the basis of where it comes from. And I would argue many of them wouldn’t be able to have a solid argument with the points that they have consumed from whatever books they are.

    Danny and Jon argue that reading books is a waste of time. I don’t agree but they have some good points.

  • I’m thinking about changing my newsletter to send every long post immediately after it is published. I have a couple of longer posts planned and feel like it may be a better workflow.

    Personally, I only want to be emailed longer posts and rely on the Micro.blog feed for the short post updates.

  • The Snipd podcast app has a snipping and AI component that makes it ideal for capturing and sharing the information you obtain from podcasts.

    You can even sync to Readwise and share to other services. I’ve been capturing and saving to my bookmarks’ manager, so I can reference clips later.

  • Back to the feed reader

    I’ve been a longtime user of RSS feeds, and therefore Feed Readers, such as Google Reader back in the day. I’ve gone from Google Reader to Feedly and in the past couple years have bounced around from various services such as Inoreader, Feedbin, and others. Hundreds of feeds As a result, I’ve … read more

  • Currently reading: The Song of Significance by Seth Godin 📚

  • Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry

    Look at your past work. Because creative burnout often comes with self-doubt, it’s easy to forget all our past accomplishments and focus on our present challenges instead. Go browse your past work, both the good and the bad. If it’s good, remember how it wasn’t easy to produce. If it’s bad, look at how much progress you have made. Channel the feelings you experience while reviewing your past work to overcome your self-doubt.

    This is something i want to be better about. I’m always looking ahead and forget all the things I’ve accomplished.

  • My daughter had a great Day of softball yesterday. She had three diving catches, one of them prevented us from losing the game.

    She also hit an in the park home run. She’s so fast she’s like a blur going around the bases.

    So proud of her.

    Hailey's diving catch.