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  • Micro.blog RSS Feeds

    Below are the various RSS feeds available through Micro.blog. Discover You can subscribe to the Discover feature. https://micro.blog/posts/discover/feed.json https://micro.blog/posts/discover/books/feed.json // Subscribe specifically to books Your timeline This feed shows your timeline (or any … read more

  • I wrote about how to customize your Blot template to show either a Summary or the Full Post in an entries list based on the Tag of the current entry. Read More

  • Bing surprised me today when I searched for how to add a custom RSS feed to my blot.im template. I started to click on the links to search for the answer but then realized the AI gave me the exact answer directly. And it was accurate!

  • It’s softball season again!

  • I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks. I’m working on a few things, including some website updates. I moved my Micro.blog site to blog.ericgregorich.com and moved my main site to Blot.im.

    The only reason for this move is because Blot fits my workflow better. I can take all my markdown notes in Obsidian and easily publish them to my website using Git. I have local markdown files for everything, which is my goal.

  • I don’t understand the excitement of Arc Browser. Most of the features I’ve seen have been in other browsers for years. I think it is a new UI, and people are just now discovering these features they never knew about before but have always been there.

  • I’m thinking about trying iA Writer because it is so nice. But the price is making me hesitate. It’s better than a subscription, I suppose.

  • Day One for the Web beta has been released to the public. Sync your journals with your devices. End-to-end Encryption. Includes a web-exclusive “focus mode”.

  • Lesson Learned: If you need glasses you use for the computer and do web or graphic design, don’t get the blue-light filter on your lenses. It messes with the colors. 

  • Currently reading: The Future Is Analog by David Sax 📚

  • Craft has replaced my bookmarking service, Raindrop. I migrated all of my essential bookmarks, and I have a Document for every topic that can easily add links using copy/paste or the share menu. I will miss highlights and other features, but it’s one less service to pay for.

  • If you can’t relax into your life – or make a big decision, or launch an important project, etcetera — before having it endorsed as the Right Sort Of Thing To Be Doing, you’ll fritter away your finite days, when you could have spent them getting stuck in.

    The Imperfectionist - Who’s in charge around here

  • I have access to the new Bing AI. I asked about myself and the results were pretty accurate. I realized I had an old About.me page that I just now deleted. :)

    Bing AI Eric Gregorich
  • Exploring Microsoft Edge: A Week-Long Experiment

    This week, I put myself through another experiment and used the Microsoft Edge browser exclusively for work and personal. I’ve used Microsoft Edge for work for various reasons and never really had any issues with it. For personal, I was using Safari, but I’ve also experimented with Brave, Firefox, … read more

  • Flowers at Gibbs Gardens, GA.

  • I’ve used Raycast on my Mac for various things, including Windows Management. I find that just typing where I want the window to move to is pretty fast. No keyboard shortcuts are needed, although I still have them configured. I’ve tried Stage Manager, but it was a disaster!

  • I updated my Now page with podcasts and newsletters that I’m actively consuming.

  • The last couple of books I read were hardcovers. I think I’ll switch back to my Kindle. The convenience of digital (Kindle) is too high. I can read anywhere and have digital copies of my highlights and notes. I also send articles to the Kindle for reading later.

  • I’m experimenting with a new Now page. It is built using Craft and is very easy to add to and maintain.

  • Short notes vs. long notes, how they differ, and the tools you need to manage each.

    I personally capture small notes but then create larger documents.

    Original Post

  • I’ve been using Craft for over a week, including capturing personal notes and sharing many of my notes online.

    It’s easy to capture links, notes, images, and more and curate them into nice-looking documents. I think I like it!

  • Currently reading: Move The Body, Heal The Mind by Jennifer Heisz 📚

  • I’ve been using OneNote for anything related to work projects. I’ve never been a big fan, but I like the integration and how it is shared with team members by default.

    Today, I created a single note that I keep open all day with my projects and immediate action items for each.

  • 📺 Watching Stutz on Netflix.