3 comments on “Filter SharePoint task list view to show tasks assigned to groups I am in”

Filter SharePoint task list view to show tasks assigned to groups I am in

If you have a SharePoint task list where the task is assigned to a SharePoint group, you may notice that the My Task list does not show tasks even if you are a member of the group of which the…

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SharePoint Designer shows “There are no items to show in this view” message

I loaded SharePoint Designer this morning and when I clicked on the Lists and Libraries navigation item I saw just a blank screen with the message "There are no items to show in this view". I knew that I recently made…

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All about SharePoint Work Item Timer Jobs

You probably know what a regular timer job is. It runs on a schedule and performs infrastructure tasks in SharePoint. A timer job may clean up content, perform synchronization,  or run other operations on data stored in SharePoint. You can create your own timer jobs as well if you had a need to run code on a regular schedule.

So what is a Work Item Timer Job?

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SharePoint list and library event properties

Every time I work with event receivers in SharePoint, I keep going back to these two tables as a reference. So I thought I would post it here to make it easier for me (and you) to find.  

When trying to retrieve values from a list item in an event receiver, you sometimes need to get the values from the ListItem, sometimes the AfterProperties, sometimes the BeforeProperties. These tables show what each property should return for each type of event. 

Office 365 customers can more easily switch plans

You can now easily change your Office 365 plan through your administration page.

Now you can switch to another plan by going to the licensing page of the Office 365 admin center and clicking on the Switch plans link. Once you select and purchase a new plan, your users will be automatically reassigned to the plans new subscription. You also will receive a credit for the unused portion of the previous subscription.