Reorder SharePoint list columns to match it’s parent content type

I ran into an issue today. I have a site Content Type that defines several list fields and I have a specific order for those fields to be displayed. Today I added a new site column to this content type and I updated the order of my fields in the content type as usual. However, the lists that use this content type became all out of whack in regards to the order of the fields. I tried to update the order in the Content Type again and push down the changes, but never had any luck.

So, being a developer, I wrote up a simple console app that will iterate through my sites (about 40 webs) and find my particular list and content type and reset the order of the fields to match the parent content type. 

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New Refinement Configuration for SharePoint 2013

just ran across the new refinement configuration for SharePoint 2013. I was expecting to modify the Refinement Filters XML like I did in SharePoint 2010, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Microsoft has created a nice GUI to do this for you. It can be found in the refinement web part properties. Instead of seeing the Refinement Filters XML you have a “Choose Refiners…” button. When clicked, this button opens a nice GUI that lets you manage your refinements.

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Sync SharePoint Document Libraries using SkyDrive Pro

SkyDrive Pro is Microsoft’s solution for keeping SharePoint 2013 document libraries in sync with documents on your local file system. It attempts to provide the answer to the question “Where do I keep my documents?”.

Companies would rather have employees store their work related documents in SharePoint. By doing this...

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SharePoint Workflow History Explained

Workflow history in SharePoint is simply a hidden list which contains all of the history and logging from the workflows used within the site. This workflow history list contains the history information including several GUIDs that are used to tie the history item back to the workflow from which it came from.

If your site is running at least one workflow, you should be able to access the workflow history list by...