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SharePoint list and library event properties

Every time I work with event receivers in SharePoint, I keep going back to these two tables as a reference. So I thought I would post it here to make it easier for me (and you) to find.  

When trying to retrieve values from a list item in an event receiver, you sometimes need to get the values from the ListItem, sometimes the AfterProperties, sometimes the BeforeProperties. These tables show what each property should return for each type of event. 

Office 365 customers can more easily switch plans

You can now easily change your Office 365 plan through your administration page.

Now you can switch to another plan by going to the licensing page of the Office 365 admin center and clicking on the Switch plans link. Once you select and purchase a new plan, your users will be automatically reassigned to the plans new subscription. You also will receive a credit for the unused portion of the previous subscription.

Reorder SharePoint list columns to match it’s parent content type

I ran into an issue today. I have a site Content Type that defines several list fields and I have a specific order for those fields to be displayed. Today I added a new site column to this content type and I updated the order of my fields in the content type as usual. However, the lists that use this content type became all out of whack in regards to the order of the fields. I tried to update the order in the Content Type again and push down the changes, but never had any luck.

So, being a developer, I wrote up a simple console app that will iterate through my sites (about 40 webs) and find my particular list and content type and reset the order of the fields to match the parent content type.