Create a Power Apps Canvas App


When would you want to use a Canvas App?

A Canvas App gives you complete control over the app's layout, while a Model-Driven app fits a more standard layout generated by the underlying data models you have in place.

Steps to create a Canvas App

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Apps, then New App from the toolbar.
  3. You’ll be given several options. You can start from existing data, or you can create a blank app. I usually pick the blank app unless I’m creating an app specifically for a single data source.
  4. The layout of your app doesn’t matter too much. Pick the Phone Layout if you are making an app specifically for phones. Otherwise, pick the Tablet Layout.
  5. Once your app is created, you’ll want to go to File > Settings, change the name and icon for your app, and then choose a more specific screen size and orientation. The defaults are usually okay for a standard app accessed through the desktop browser or a tablet.