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  • @KimberlyHirsh awesome. Thank you!

  • @numericcitizen I believe that Grammarly is a great service that provides immense value to users, especially those who are not native English speakers.

    The main reason I'm discontinuing is that it's relatively expensive (for Pro) and I've found other services that better suit my specific needs.

  • @BenSouthwood Yes, it's the same Mike Schmitz! He has moved on from The Sweet Setup and now runs his own business offering courses on Obsidian and other services.

  • @BenSouthwood Reader by Readwise does support this. Your given a unique email address that you can send all of your newsletters to and they'll show in your feed.

  • @BenSouthwood @pimoore Kill The Newsletter is a free service that will convert newsletters to RSS. That's one way to do it. Some RSS services like Feedbin and Inoreader have built-in options to convert newsletters to RSS.

  • @timapple @BenSouthwood @pimoore I've been through the same. I'm letting my Hey subscription run out. It's a great service, but not worth paying for now. My email is under control. Any newsletters I want go to my feed reader. All that is left is a few emails a day. I currently use Gmail for junk, Outlook for my main email, and have a custom domain in iCloud, but don't use it much.

  • @JohnPhilpin thanks for sharing. It looks interesting!

  • @jtr, it's much easier to comment when asked a question. That goes for short posts and long posts that ask a question at the end to encourage continuing the conversation.

  • @rcrackley it appears it was the iOS keyboard "smart correction" that was causing the short dash - to be converted to a long dash – . Therefore I was unable to get the syntax right.

  • @rmdes Check out Mantons book that he hosts on Micro.blog. I believe it uses the Lanyon theme.

  • @rcrackley @pratik Bear 2 YAML doesn't work on mobile unless you disable auto-completion of Tags, Wiki-links, and Emoji under general settings. Hopefully they fix that.

  • @ericgregorich Matt wrote a post talking about this too also. He makes a great point.

    The endpoint of extreme productivity is to become so productive that you don’t actually do anything or learn anything, but you check all the boxes that make it look like you did. Careful out there, friends.

  • @rcrackley Does Bear have a seamless way to get the files I to VS Code, or is it copy paste?

    I love the new Bear also but I haven’t played with it much. I’m also interested in the YAML feature.

  • @amit your site looks great. I’m looking at it on mobile and it’s very nice and simple.

    I like your approach for curating the content. It’s a great idea.

  • @manton.org I love your take on separating publishing from the social network. I feel like Micro.blog has done that well.

    I used to be excited for Substack but I feel like they are trying to do too much. It's tempting for those who are unaware of how simple it is to use something like Micro.blog and completely own your content.

    There are advantages to using Substack if your focused on rapid growth.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @gregmoore Yes, I've been messing with my nav. I shouldn't have removed it entirely from the top. I'm still determining if I like my current nav and will likely replace it. But I did add it back for now. Thanks for the feedback.

  • @pimoore One of the nice things about having them both on the same site, if the visitor clicks the tag, it shows both types of posts together than the tag page.

    I've been thinking about how to make my tags more prominent without being in your face.

    I, too tend to enjoy the tinkering with my site.

  • @otaviocc yeah, I’m enjoying the new Raindrop apps. They’re working well and capture is fast and simple.

  • @rcrackley I have an active Hey subscription. I check it out now and then. However, I get very little email and its hard to justify paying $100 per year for an email provider, no matter how good it is.

  • @toddgrotenhuis I just started reading it. It seems to be pretty good so far.

  • @sod this is awesome. I've used it for similar things but not a full script yet. It's a great idea.

  • @kq I only see myself using this as a scratchpad for tasks and notes throughout the day. It gives me a place to dump everything without thinking about where it goes.

    I go through and move my tasks and notes to a final home daily.

    Why not regular paper? That’s no fun! I like trying things.

  • @kq yes. It’s a whiteboard in the form of paper. They’re thin pages and wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    The other key feature is an app that scans the page, does OCR, and sends it to your selected location.

  • @pimoore I use the Obsidian Git plugin to push to Blot using Git, and Blot converts the markdown files into blog posts.

  • @numericcitizen it’s incredible how easily a company can get off track. Many of these things could be avoided if they listened to customers and focused on quality over features.