• @danielsantos Yeah, I've been wanting to learn how to do it. Maybe this weekend.

  • @danielsantos I’m not 100% certain about the dark/light mode selection. I have an article saved I was going to try sometime.

    I haven’t looked I to it much yet.

  • @philbowell, I'm trying out TickTick also. The main reason is it well on both Windows and Mac. I’ve also been trying to time block with the calendar view, which is working great.

  • @timapple I've asked myself the same question today. I dont know if i want to post my long dev notes to my main site or a separate site. Use micro.blog as my hub site or post everything here? I cant decide. 🤔 Either way, it could be linked on Micro.bog.

  • @heyscottyj I love the idea of putting virtual sticky notes on people as reminders. That made me laugh!

  • @Andricheli Ulysses has been flawless for me. No problems with posting, even with images and a lot of formatting. Ulysses is also one of my favorite apps for writing.

  • @Andricheli I use Ulysses to write and post to Micro.blog (works on iOS and macOS.) I like that you can edit posts that were published from Ulysses). I also use Gluon and Micro.blog apps. iaWriter, MarsEdit, and Obsidian can also be used.

  • @pratik It's a little more complicated than I thought it would be. I found a post here that has some suggestions. I'll need to play around with it more to figure it out.

  • @uncertainquark I'm also using Feedbin to consume Micro.blog. I discovered if you open the thread view in Feedbin and tap on the date in a reply it will take you to the Micro.blog conversation, where you can reply. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the original post, only replies.