Share lists between Personal and Work accounts in Microsoft To Do

Eric Gregorich

If you use Microsoft To Do for your task management, you may have a Personal and a Work account. Having separate accounts is very helpful in most cases, allowing the separation of work and personal tasks.

A Shared List in Microsoft To Do
A shared list in Microsoft To Do

However, you may want a list of tasks shared across both Personal and Work accounts. Fortunately, sharing lists is straightforward.

  1. Create the list in one of your accounts.
  2. Right-click the list and click Share List.
  3. Next, copy the link (or send it to the email for your other account).
  4. Open To Do with your other account in the browser and paste the link (or open it from the email if you chose that option). It will prompt you to join the list. Click Join.
  5. Now you should see the Shared list in your other account!

Once you have a shared list (or multiple lists), you can see all of the tasks in that list in both accounts. You can add them to My Day, receive reminders, and work with the tasks as if it was all in the same account.

To stop sharing a list, open the Share Options dialog again and click Manage Access. Then click Stop Sharing.

Stop Sharing dialog in Microsoft To Do