SharePoint Online Throttling

A note about SharePoint Throttling and how to avoid it.

To avoid too much load, SharePoint Online implements throttling which will suspend requests if exceeding the limits.

Resource Units

APIs have different costs depending on its complexity. These are tracked as Resource Unit. An application is given a limited number of Resource Units depending on the number of licensed users in the tenant. These limits may change, so refer to the documentation. [1] Currently, 0-1k licensed users get 1,200 Resource Units per minute or 1,200,000 Resource Units per day.

Avoid Throttling

  • Keep the number of requests to a minimum.
  • Distribute the requests across a period of time, rather than at once.
  • Use Retry-After and RateLimit HTTP Headers.
  • Decorate your traffic with an AppID/AppTitle and User Agent string.

  1. Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online | Microsoft Docs ↩︎