To tab or not to tabI’m the type of person that immediately uninstalls any app that I decide I’m no longer using. Similarly, I also close every browser tab when I’m Blog July 7, 2024

An attempt at analog index cardsI’m seriously considering using good old analog index cards for notes on various topics. Though, I’m not sure how to organize them, so I can find Blog July 5, 2024

Added my Slash PagesInspired by Robb Knight’s, Slash Pages, I added a few to my site, including /about, /feeds, /hello, /interests, /uses, and /log. Many of my pages Blog July 4, 2024

Using Email as a Tickler systemIf you don't like using digital tasks/reminders app and need a way to remind your future self of certain things, try sending yourself an email. You can then snooze the email to when you want to be reminded. The email can contain all the details your future-self will need to get the tasks done. Blog July 4, 2024

Our assumptions may limit our creativityWhat we learn during life feeds our assumptions on how things should or should not work. Even when we’re not an expert on something, we can make Blog October 30, 2022

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