My first experience with linuxLast week, somehow, I had the urge to give Linux a try. Maybe it was all the “AI” coming to both Windows and Mac soon that caused this desire. I’m Essays June 2, 2024

Is the web falling apartEverywhere I look, I see negative posts about how the web is falling apart. Either by AI, politics, big corporations and a dozen other reasons. And Essays April 27, 2024

Losing the ability to read and think deeplyI’m losing my ability to read deeply and understand what I’m reading, and I’m not alone. I used to be able to sit with a book for hours at a time, Essays April 21, 2024

My Apple Vision Pro DemoMy thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro Demo. Essays February 17, 2024

The taste of coffeeSweet, Dark Chocolate with hints of citrus. Tastes like a good medium-roast coffee to me. Medium-dark roast with notes of oaky dry wine, dried Essays January 14, 2024

Use your domain for your email addressYour email address is an essential part of your identity. Your email address is used to log into your accounts, change your passwords, and more. Essays January 11, 2024

Smaller Rocks Matter: Rethinking Time BlockingWhen blocking time on our calendar, we often schedule our ideal day, incorporating ample time to handle the significant tasks we plan to complete. Essays October 14, 2023

Use an index card to manage your daily tasks and notesUsing an index card is a simple technique to help you focus during the day. This is not a replacement for your task application or calendar but an Essays September 29, 2023

Document your workPlease, document your work! I’m speaking from the context of a software developer/architect, but this also applies elsewhere. In the moment, it may Essays September 24, 2023

How writing can help you solve problemsSome thoughts about how writing down a problem can often help you lead to a solution. This is because writing is a form of thinking. Essays January 11, 2023

Bending Spoons purchased EvernoteEvernote announced Bending Spoons, a developer of mobile apps had acquired them. Bending Spoons is known for (or not known for) its mobile apps, Essays November 17, 2022

Take care of your eyes with the 20-20-20 RuleEvery 20 minutes you spend using a screen, look away at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 20 feet for 20 seconds is the optimal distance and time to allow your eyes to relax. Essays September 5, 2022

Adding color to your tools can help you be more productiveUse colors as a way to categorize things. We can use Colors in our Productivity System to help us quickly identify things. I find it especially Essays May 31, 2022

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