TotTot is a simple app for macOS and iOS that gives you 7 plain text notes. It works great as a Working Memory where you can jot down notes throughout the day. Links January 20, 2024

RSS AnythingRSS Anything claims to take any site with a list of links and transforms it into an RSS feed. Links January 10, 2024

RSS Zero isn't the path to RSS JoyA good point about how our RSS reader should not be treated the same as our email. Links January 2, 2024

You can't hoard life - Oliver BurkemanYou can’t hoard life — Oliver Burkeman Perhaps you’ve had the experience of reaching the end of a day on which you’d been unusually successful in Links December 7, 2023

ManicTimeManicTime is a time-tracking app for Windows that will automatically track your time. Everything is kept on your device. You can also auto-assign tags to various activities. Links January 21, 2023

The End of OrganizingThe End of Organizing by Dan Shipper argues that AI will be the best way to organize our notes in the future. Links January 14, 2023

Play - Manage your video playlistPlay, by Loop Apps LTDA, is an app for iOS and macOS that lets you easily save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources so you can manage your Links December 30, 2022

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