Use a tag to determine Summary or Full Post in Blot


Blot allows the editing of its templates for your blog. The Entries” page, or the home page listing all of your posts, can show the post’s full content or just a summary of the post. By default, you choose one option in your template settings.

I wanted to show the full content for posts with a specific tag and only the summary for the other posts. The reason for this? I tag my short posts as Updates.” They often include quotes, links, and short updates. I prefer to show this full content in the list, so the visitor doesn’t need to click on it.

How can we do this in our Blot template?

I don’t need these options in my custom theme, so I removed them and replaced it with one option.

This shows every post as a summary, regardless of my theme settings.

Next, I want to configure the template to show the full content for my Updates” tag and the summary for everything else.

In this example shows the full content only if tagged Updates.

And, for everything else shows the summary. We accomplish this by using the ^ character.