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Here are some some things I'm currently writing about:

Better Self
Articles that describe how to use technology to make us better at what we do or how we can step away from technology altogether and focus on mindful productivity.

Helpful Tools
These articles provide an overview of tools and services that we can use to get our work done.

Simple Solutions
Step-by-step guides that help you implement simple solutions. Most of my work involves Microsoft services, including SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Azure.

Book Summaries
I summarize the books that I have read. I usually read about productivity, software architecture, leadership and occasionally explore something new.

More about me.

I started doing web design with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript nearly 20 years ago! Since then, I have worked with many frameworks, including ASP.NET and REACT.JS. Starting in 2006, I began building solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Today, I work with customers to understand their business requirements and then work with them to design a solution that best meets their needs.

I also have interests in anything related to technology and how to be mindful and disconnect from technology so I can remain focused!

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