Who needs the Readwise Reader app?


The Readwise Reader app is officially in a public beta. This means anyone can now sign up for immediate access. The app is free during the beta but will be paid for when it is officially released. You can subscribe to Readwise if you are not already locked in a price.

Who Needs the Readwise Reader App?

If you want to highlight articles and PDFs, make notes on YouTube videos pull in Twitter threads, RSS feeds, and Newsletters, and sync your highlights from Readwise to your favorite notes app, then the Reader app may be perfect for you. 

Suppose you only want a simple Read-later service. In that case, Reader is overkill, and you may be better off with a more straightforward service, like MatterOmnivoreInstapaper, or Pocket, or use the built-in read-later in your favorite browser. I’m personally sending articles to my Kindle to read later.